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The MarsDAO token holder community develops products that are designed to solve 3 main tasks

01Bring transparent profit in the cryptocurrency market for token holders
02Facilitate interaction with a market that is rapidly developing
03Solve the inflation issue with the MarsDAO deflationary model

MarsDAO is a community token of a multifunctional decentralized platform for using various investment instruments in the cryptocurrency market and operating on the principle of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO)

100M total supply
77M circulation supply
10K+ holders
3K+ transactions per day
6 products where the token is used
Number of tokens burned
on board audit report
on board audit report

A contract platform where users can significantly increase the amount of farming income due to re-staking automation mechanisms. The service contract harvests automatically.

Part of the harvest (50%) is converted into LP pool tokens, part of the harvest (40%) is used to buy the MarsDAO token, and part of the harvest (10%) buys back the MarsDAO token and burns it, creating deflation.


Decentralized NFT Voucher Protocol.

A contract platform that allows buying balanced asset portfolios on the principle of a piggy bank that cannot be “broken” at any time.

By buying a piggy bank collected by cryptocurrency market experts, users can set a lockup from 1 to 17 years. Over the years, the market has shown that the biggest enemy of an investor is himself. This service is designed to solve this problem. All piggy banks of the service consist of the MarsDAO token by 10%.


MarsDAO Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet in Telegram with over 20,000 users and extensive features.

Store, exchange, buy and sell through liquidity pools on decentralized exchanges. Has convenient features for channel admins, closed groups, and much more. All transactions inside the wallet use a 50% fee, which goes to purchasing the MarsDAO token and its burning.


MDAO Maker is an IWO (Initial Wallet Offering) launchpad which gives the opportunity to purchase project allocations during seed rounds.

Users can view information about submitted projects, their deadlines, participation requirements and current status. MDAO Maker consists of two functional, interacting elements: the MDAO Maker website and the MarsDAO Wallet Telegram bot.

Dex Index Fund

A contract platform that allows buying (index) tokens, the price of which will be pegged to the price of its basket of currencies (that it includes).

At any time, users can sell their index tokens. When buying and selling an index token, a fee is set. The MarsDAO token is redeemed for this fee, and 50% is burned.

MARS Space

A platform for the tokenization of traditional investment objects. Real estate, watches, aircraft, land, etc.

The development team has not yet disclosed the features and details of the project. All platform fees will redeem the MarsDAO token.

MarsDAO is run by a community of token holders.
For more information, please visit the Governance page.